pet training

Pet Training

Positive Pet Training!

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Did you know that the number one cause of death in dogs is lack of training? It’s true! Dogs that do not receive training may develop behavior problems that result in the dog being relinquished to a shelter and euthanized; dogs that have behavior problems are difficult to re-home. Training your dog helps to create a solid and enjoyable relationship between you and your dog. You can easily and gently train your dog using positive training techniques that are safe and fun.

Dogs DO NOT speak “English” – but they do understand the tones and body language. The easiest way to get a concept across without barking is use our tone our voice to communicate our desires to our dogs in our relationship. With proper training techniques, dogs CAN and DO learn not only English, but whatever languages their owners use.

Pet Training Program:
  1. Work on the basics, such as sit, watch me, down, stay, leave it, and wait to replace unwanted behavior with desirable behavior.
  2. Focus attention span and reliable recall
  3. Greeting people calmly and politely without jumping on them
  4. Stop exhibiting unwanted behaviors such as chewing, digging, barking, nipping and jumping or running away.
  5. Learn to go through doorways, waiting patiently and quietly at the store instead of bolting out the door
  6. Overcome aggression, hyperactive, fear or shyness
  7. Work on Counter Sniffing
  8. House-trained and only going outdoors
  9. Train to go to a mat
  10. Work on excessively guarding toys and food
  11. Stealing the remote, or anything else he get their paws on
  12. Retrieving, Tricks…Fun! . Not only fun, but motivating, strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Dogs need to be happy when learning new or correcting bad behavior patterns. Dogs need a positive approach and that is why Terri Kerr uses reinforcements dogs really like . . . food, praise or their favorite toy. Create a strong bond, learn to communicate and build a Solid foundation. Most importantly….Have Fun