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The Rescue Dog Suitability Test (RH-1 program) is designed to help guide those interested in search & rescue on a sports-related platform. This affords you the opportunity to get acquainted with search & rescue and perhaps launch you into certifying under NASAR programs. We will guide you through all of the steps to title your dog in RH.

The RH-1 test encompasses Scent Work (you may choose Tracking, Area Search, or Rubble) as well as Obedience & Dexterity, all the while judging the dogs’ overall temperament (Strangers, unexpected disturbances, resilience in difficult situations, etc).

The United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA), Rescue Dog Suitability Test (RH-1 [RH-E])

While competing the judge observes the temperament of the dog –

  1. Confidence & composure around
    1. Strangers
    2. During unexpected disturbances
    3. Resilience during difficult situations
      1. Extended work periods,
      2. Many dogs working simultaneously
      3. Extremes in temperature and weather
      4. Presence of dust and smoke
      5. Or strong unpleasant odors
  1. Additional temperament issues including
    1. Gun shyness,
    2. Nervousness and its associated aggressiveness,
    3. Aggressive disposition,
    4. Fearfulness etc

PHASE A of the RH-1 has 2 Sections:

  1. Scent work- Pick 1 (Handler may choose “Tracking”, “Area Search” or “Rubble”)
    1. Tracking:
    2. Area Search:
    3. Rubble:
  2. Obedience and Dexterity –
    1. Heeling
    2. Walking through a group of people
    3. Off leash heeling
    4. Tunnel
    5. Traversing of unpleasant surfaces
    6. Carrying and handling over the dog
    7. Laying down while distracted
    8. Traversing an elevated rigid wooden board
    9. Traversing of 3 different obstacles, set 10m apart
      1. .4m height
      2. .6m height
      3. .8m height