Agility Training

For the Dog Agility Enthusiast

Dog agility involves having your dog run an obstacle course of ramps, jumps, tunnels, and weavepoles.  Your dog will need to learn how to perform the obstacles safely with speed, and you will need to learn how to direct them around the course. Positive training methods (treats, toys, and praise) are used to encourage your dog to experience new situations. The course is always different, which really makes it fun and challenging. This is a great bonding experience as you and your dog work together to conquer the course!

For Fun & Fitness


Beginner Level – This is for anyone who wants to have fun with their dog in Agility and has never done any Agility. Each week a new obstacle will be introduced, as well as a review of all previously introduced Obstacles. “Come” and “Stay” will be trained each week. Open to all ages. Your dog will learn to walk on a leash without pulling. We teach the start line stay. Being controlled off leash.  Introduction to obstacles. So your dog is not overwhelmed we start running a small course.

Advanced Level – This is for those who have completed Beginner level or have knowledge of the Agility exercises and have done them with their dog. Emphasis will be concentrated upon courses and the skills needed for a fun partnership to achieve a successful run.

Advanced teams will have the opportunity to compete in many trials offered each year. While we know that not each handler will choose to compete, we believe that every team should receive the same quality training. Agility taught well is fun for both humans and dogs.

Competition agility is fun sport for all breeds.  Watch this happy poodle zoom through a Masters course.

We strive to find the balance between your dog’s play drive and his willingness to work with you – and your ability to engage your dog in a positive manner. Remember, positive training is crucial in agility.

Dog Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in existence today …and with good reason. As an activity that people can enjoy with their companion dogs, agility training provides exercise, team building, advanced off leash training, and most of all, LOTS OF FUN!

As per the American Kennel Club website:  Even if you don’t recognize it by name, you have probably seen an agility competition. Designed to demonstrate a dog’s willingness to work with his handler in a variety of situations, agility is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training, and teamwork. Dogs and handlers must negotiate an obstacle course while racing against the clock. Agility is a great form of exercise for both dog and handler, and a fun way to bond. And you don’t have to compete to enjoy agility. Taking an agility class offers many other benefits. But many people start the sport just for fun, only to get bitten by the agility bug and become lifelong competitors! Our facility is conveniently located whether you are coming from South Jersey, Central Jersey or North Jersey. We are even convenient if you live in Pennsylvania.

Note: If your dog has not yet done obedience or has specific obedience issues (such as not coming when you call), we recommend starting with our obedience classes.