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March 2019
    • Joni Prima/Glinda: CD
    • Dan/Teddy: 1st BN leg
February 2019
    • Tammy Gibson/Rayleigh: CDX
    • Kay Hornung/Chance: CDX
    • Terri Kerr/Diamond: UD
    • Charlotte Smith-Jones/Gia: Open Leg
    • Kathryn Spence/Nash: CD
January 2019
    • Kathy Corbett/Colby; CD
    • Laura Rixham/Jack; BN
March 2018
    • Karen Tecott/Roxie; 1st UDX leg
February 2018
    • Peggy Beck/Lexie; CGC
    • Rowan & Barbara/Buddy; CGC
    • Nancy Sherwood/Jeter; CGC
    • Mary & Charlie Vaughan/Maddie; CGC
January 2018
    • Nancy Sherwood/Jeter; CD, 4th Place


November 2017
    • Sharon Gregory & Joirie: UD
    • Ann Hess & Tonka: CD
    • Karen Scheiner & Pop-Tart 2nd UDX leg
    • Nancy Sherwood & Jeter: BN title, 1st novice leg
    • Nancy Sherwood & Mojo: 4th RAE leg
    • Charlotte Smith-Jones & Gia: 2 Novice legs (1st place Saturday, 3rd place Sunday)
    • Kathryn Spence & Kirk: Open leg
October 2017
    • Karen Scheiner/Rocky UD Title
    • Andie Malloy/Suri UDX leg
    • Ann Hess/Tonka Novice leg
    • Lorraine Cannon/Tug CDSP leg
May 2017
    • Diane Stout/Alecia UCD Title  1st Place and two Third Place
April 2017
    • Karen Tecott/Roxie  2nd Utility leg, 2nd Place
March 2017
    • Sharon Gregory/Jorie  1st Rally Novice leg
    • Andie Malloy/Suri  Open B 4th Place
    • Karen Scheiner/Rock Star Graduate Open leg 2nd Place
February 2017
    • Ann Brogden/Coire  CD Title 4th Place
    • Sharon Gregory/Jori  CDX Title 3rd Place
    • Karen Scheiner/Pop-Tart Graduate Open leg
December 2016
    • Kathy Corbett/Rique Rally Advanced Title
    • Karen Scheiner/Pop-Tart 2nd leg Utility A 1st place
December 2016
    • Barbara Visinski/Ozzie-7th and 8th RAE legs
    • John Affel / Hope – CD Title
    • Maureen Kelliher/Cara- 9th RAE leg
    • Joni/Gypsy- Fourth Place, CDX
November 2016
    • Barbara Jones/Finn-1st Place second leg Rally Excellent
    • John Affel / Hope – 4th place for their 1st Novice leg
    • John Affel / Mavis – Rally Novice title (with Kat Lynn)
    • Ann Brogden / Coire – 2 Novice legs
    • Sharon Gregory / Jorie – 1st place for their 2nd CDX leg
    •  Gail Gresch / Wilson – 2nd place in Utility B
    • Maureen Kelliher / Cara – 1st Open A leg, 8th RAE leg
    • Karen Scheiner / Pop-Tart – 1st Place Utility A
    • Nancy Sherwood / Mojo – 1st RAE leg
October 2016
    • Karen Scheiner/Pop-Tart-1st Place Open A, CDX Title
    • Barbara/Ozzie-4th, 5th and 6th RAE Legs
    • Maureen/Cara-7th RAE Leg
    • Kay/Gingersnap-Rally Excellent Title- 2 Third Place
    • Kay/Gingersnap-1st RAE Leg
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson Utility B 4th Place
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson Utility B 1st Place
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson Utility B 3rd Place
    • Karen Scheiner and Chelsea – 3rd place Open A, CDX title
    • Kathy and Rique – Beginner Novice (BN) title
    • Karen Tecott and Roxie – CDX title!
September 2016
    • Karen Scheiner/Pop-Tart-2nd Place Open A, 2nd Leg
July 2016
    • Holly Becker and Bosco , Fourth Place Rally Novice Title
    • Barbara Jones and Finn First Place First Leg Rally Excellent
    • Tammy Gibbson/Gail Weber and Watson CDX Title
    • Andie Malloy/Suri, Third Place Utility B
    • Diane Stout/ Karly UKC Open title – 3 legs in 3 trials
    • Diane Stout/ P Jay – 1st combined leg in Rally (R04 / R03)
    • Karen Scheiner/Rock Star First Utility Leg, Second Place
    • Sharon/Jorie – 1st Open leg
    • Terri Kerr/Ann Goldsmith and Revel 2nd Place Novice B
    • Maureen/ Cara – 2nd RAE leg
    • Kathy/Rique – 2nd place Beg Novice B
    • Kay/Chance – 2nd place, 1st leg Puppy Cynosport Rally
    • Karen Scheiner/Pop-Tart-Graduate Novice Title
    • Karen Scheiner/Pop-Tart-2nd Place Open A, 1st Leg
    • Karen Scheiner/Chelsea-3rd Place Open A, 2nd Leg
May 2016
    • Diane Stout/and Karli PCDX Title
    • Karen Scheiner/Chelsea 1st Place First Open Leg
April 2016
    • Terri Kerr/Ann Goldsmith and Revel CD Title, Fourth Place
    • Terri Kerr/Ann Goldsmith and Revel 4th leg, First Place
    • Nancy Sherwood and Mojo UD Title, First Place
    • Barbara Jones and Finn Rally Advanced 2nd Leg, Third Place
    • Barbara Jones and Finn Rally Advanced RA Title, First Place
    • Karen Scheiner and Pop-Tart, 1st Place Open RE Title
March 2016
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson UDX Title and 2nd Place Utility B
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson Masters One
    • Roz Rosenblatt and Luke Fourth Place 2nd Open Leg
    • Betty Abrams and Korbel Preferred Novice Leg
    • Roz Rosenblatt and Luke CDX Title, Third Place
    • Karen Scheiner and Pop-Tart, CD Title
December 2015
    • Andie Malloy and Suri First Place Utility and 24 OTCH Points
November 2015
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson 8th UDX Leg, Third Place Open B & Third Place Utility B
    • Barbara Jones and Finn Second Place Rally Advanced
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson 9th UDX Leg
    • John and Joseph 2nd UD Leg
    • Nancy Sherwood and Mojo 1st UD Leg
    • Sharon Gregory and Jori CD Title 2 Novice Legs First and Third Place
    • Terri Kerr and Friend UD Leg Fourth Place Two Days in a Row
October 2015
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson High In Trial, First Place Open B
    • Andie Malloy and Suri, First Place Utility B
    • Gail Gresch and Wilson 7th UDX Leg, Third Place Open B
    • John Lynn and Joseph Utility A
    • Nancy Sherwood and Mojo Utility B
    • Andie Malloy and Suri Fourth Place Utility B
    • Terri Kerr and Friend Third Place Utility B
    • Dotti Peruzzi and Dash First Place Open A
    • Ann and Revel First Place Novice B
    • Sharon and Juri Second Place Novice B
September 2015
    • Terri and Friend High In Trial, First Place Open B
    • Arleen and Roxie CDX Title, First Place
    • Charlotte and Gia BN Title and Rally Novice Title, Second Place
    • Tammy and Always Utility B, Third Place
    • Pam and Dori CDX Title, Second and Third Place, Advanced Rally leg, Fourth Place
    • Maureen and Cara CD Title, First Place. Advanced Rally Title, First Place
August 2015
    • Maureen and Cara 3rd Place 2nd Leg Novice
    • Arleen and Roxie 3rd Place 2nd Leg Open A
    • Diane Stout and Karly 1st Place Rally Advanced Title
    • Dotti and Dash 2nd Leg in Open A
July 2015
    • Barbara Jones and Finn 1st Place Rally Novice HIGH IN TRIAL
    • Dawn Prinz and Tanner 1st Place Rally Advanced HIGH IN TRIAL
    • Diane Stout and Karly 1st Place Rally Advanced
    • Diane Stout and Karly 2nd Place Rally Advanced
    • John Lynn and Joseph Rally Advanced Excellent
June 2015
    • Jennifer and Edith UDX, 3rd in Utility and 4th in Open
    • Arleen and Roxie 1st CDX Leg Open A
    • Maureen and Cara 1st Place Novice 1st Leg
    • Dotti and Dash 1st CDX Leg Open A
    • Andie Malloy and Suri 2nd Place (3 Otch Points)
    • Dotti and Dash RAE Title
May 2015
    • Andie and Suri Obedience Master 2 Title
    • Gail and Wilson 6th UDX leg 3rd in Open B NEW
April 2015
    • Diane and Karly 2nd place CD Title
    • Gail Gersch and Wilson 2nd & 3rd UDX Legs 4 OTCH points high combined 2nd utility twice 2nd open
    • Pat Brown and Mica finished their CD
    • Arleen and Roxie RAE2 Title
    • Charolette & Gia 3rd Place Rally Novice and 3rd Place Beginner Novice
    • Maureen & Cara 2nd Place Beginner Novice Title
    • Pam & Dori Novice Leg
    • Karen & Rocky 1st Place Open A CDX Title
    • John & Joseph 2nd Place Utility A
    • Andie & Siri UDX 2
    • Gail & Wilson 4th UDX Leg
    • Jennifer & Edith 8th UDX Leg
    • Terri & Watson Open Leg
    • Karen & Rock Star 1st Place Open A Back to Back
    • Karen & Chelsea 2nd Place and 4th Place Novice
    • Karen & Pop-Tart 1st Place Beginner Novice
    • Pam & Dori CD
    • Barbara & Ozzie CD
    • Lois & Lucy CD
    • Pat & Buddy UD
    • Gail & Wilson 3rd In Utility B 5th UDX leg
    • Jen & Edith 9th UDX leg
    • Andie & Siri UDX2
    • Barbara and Finn Rally Novice Title
March 2015
    • Pat and Mikey CD leg
    • Lois and Lucy Beginner Novice, 1st Novice 3rd
    • Dian and Peggy UDX
    • Diane and Karley 1st Novice High in Trial
    • Sharon and Beckett 2nd Novice
    • Tammy and Always UD
    • Roz and Luke 1st leg Open A
    • Gail and Wilson 1st UDX leg 4th in Open B
    • Terri and Friend 3rd Utility B
    • Champion Ariel Lindwald 2 Good 2 B True UDX14 PT OM 1 (You know him as Friend)
    • Jennifer Evans and Edith 7th UDX leg
    • Dawn Prinz and Tanner UK CD
February 2015
    • Jill & Toby CD
    • Jennifer & Edith 6 UDX leg
    • Terri & Friend 1st Utility B High in Trial
January 2015
    • Barbara and Ozzie leg 2 towards their CD 4th place
    • Jennifer and Edie 5th UDX leg
    • Terri and Friend 4th Utility B
    • Diane and Peggy 9th UDX leg
    • Barbra and Ozzie 4th place at Princeton 1st Novice leg

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